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23 May
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I’m in love with a boy who listen to rap music and likes import cars. I could eat Arby’s chicken bacon swiss sandwich every single day of the week. I never wear any makeup. I think Taylor Hanson is a GOD. Pink is my favorite color. I could listen to a song called “Never Let Go” all day long. Black and white pictures are my favorite. I’m still afraid of the dark. I wish I lived on the beach. I’m legal and can vote. I like to play the lottery on a regular basis. Watermelon ring pops rock my world. I could never buy or own enough shoes. I think that our military is a wonderful thing. I’m addicted to roller coaster tycoon. I write poetry. I’d do anything to make him (stoopid) smile. My vices include; low self-esteem, swearing, speaking before I think, and biting my fingernails. That 70's show is super keen in my book. I hate the taste of chocolate. Taylor Hanson fan fiction fascinates me. I wish I could be like Tinkerbell. Too bad I don’t get enough mail. I want a new car.I miss high school already and I just graduated back in June. I’m too blunt sometimes for my own good. Shut up? I don’t know when to sometimes.

This is my journal so respect my opinions even if you don’t agree with them. Don’t like something I have to say? Tough titty said the kitty but the milks still good. You can complain to me if you wish but it won’t do you any good because honestly, I probably won’t give a damn.

My journal is friends only and I like that way. If you want to be added just tell me and more than likely I’ll add you.

Note: I won’t add you if I know you in real life or you live in the same town as me. Sorry, it’s just the way this thing works. If I want you to know what I’m thinking, I’ll call you and tell you. :D That’s all. <3

I'll admit it ... I love hanson

Stuck between floors with Taylor Hanson

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